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Computer Maintenance, PAT & Cyber Security

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In the twilight of the 20th century, as the digital revolution reshaped the world, a new age dawned—an age where information became the new gold, and safeguarding this precious resource became paramount. In this spirit, we introduce the “Computer Maintenance, PAT & Cyber Security” course bundle, a beacon of knowledge in the vast sea of digital technology.

This meticulously crafted bundle serves as a gateway to mastering the art of computer maintenance, cyber security, and beyond. It is designed to impart skills and kindle a lifelong passion for technological exploration and innovation. The courses within this bundle prepare individuals for the challenges of the digital age and empower them to be proactive guardians of the digital realm. Understanding the intricacies of these fields is no longer a luxury but a necessity in our increasingly connected world.

8 Courses are Included in this Bundle:

  • Course 01: Building Your Own Computer
  • Course 02: Computer Networks Security from Scratch to Advanced
  • Course 03: Computer Vision By Using C++ and OpenCV with GPU support
  • Course 04: Advance Windows 10 Troubleshooting for IT HelpDesk
  • Course 05: Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Course 06: Internet of Things
  • Course 07: Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Course 08: Encryption


This comprehensive bundle includes:

  • Building Your Own Computer: Delve into the art of computer assembly, understanding components, and the joy of creating a machine tailored to your needs.
  • Computer Networks Security from Scratch to Advanced: A journey through the fortress of network security, exploring defensive strategies against digital threats.
  • Computer Vision By Using C++ and OpenCV with GPU support: Unravel the mysteries of computer vision, harnessing the power of C++ and OpenCV to create intelligent image processing applications.
  • Advance Windows 10 Troubleshooting for IT HelpDesk: Master the art of troubleshooting, a vital skill for any IT professional, tailored specifically for Windows 10 environments.
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT): A deep dive into the world of PAT, ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical appliances.
  • Internet of Things: Explore the interconnected world of IoT, where everyday objects come alive with the power of the Internet.
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training: Become vigilant and informed about cyber security, a crucial skill in protecting personal and organisational data.
  • Encryption: Uncover the secrets of encryption, the ancient art of secure communication reimagined for the digital age.

This course bundle is not just an educational experience; it’s a key to unlocking the endless potential of the digital age. Your journey into the future of technology begins here. Enrol now and be part of the digital revolution!

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Certificate of Achievement

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised CPD certificate and you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at a cost of £4.99 and Hardcopy Certificate for £9.99.

Who Is This Bundle For?​

This bundle is suitable for:


The Computer Maintenance, PAT & Cyber Security course requires no prior degree or experience. All you require is English proficiency, numeracy literacy and a gadget with stable internet connection. Learn and train for a prosperous career in the thriving and fast-growing industry of Computer Maintenance, PAT & Cyber Security, without any fuss.

Career Path​

Our course will prepare you for a range of careers, including:

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Course Curriculum

Building Your Own Computer
Computer Networks Security from Scratch to Advanced
Computer Vision By Using C++ and OpenCV with GPU support
Advance Windows 10 Troubleshooting for IT HelpDesk
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
Internet of Things
Cyber Security Awareness Training

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