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Diploma in Psychology

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Unravel the enigma of the human psyche with our esteemed “Diploma in Psychology“. The course is meticulously crafted, starting with a robust foundation in psychological principles, seguing into an exploration of the diverse branches and approaches. With an inclusive curriculum, learners will traverse topics ranging from the biological underpinnings of behaviour to the nuanced understanding of emotions and motivations. Additionally, delve deep into the myriad disorders affecting individuals and acquire insights into the imperative realms of research, assessment, and ethics within the psychology domain.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the primary principles and varied branches of psychology.
  • Analyse and understand the developmental stages from childhood to adulthood and the corresponding behavioural transformations.
  • Apprehend the complex nuances of human emotions, motivations, and the factors that shape individual personalities.
  • Develop proficiency in understanding and addressing various psychological disorders.
  • Acquire foundational knowledge in conducting psychological research and understand the ethical considerations in assessments.


Dive into the intricate workings of the human mind with our “Diploma in Psychology”. This course is meticulously designed to provide a deep and comprehensive understanding of psychological principles, exploring the diverse branches and approaches within the field. Students will start with a strong foundation in basic psychological concepts, progressing to explore the biological bases of behaviour, the intricacies of human development, and the various psychological disorders.

The curriculum is broad and inclusive, covering topics such as the psychological aspects of emotions and motivations, and extending to the critical examination of personality and perception. Learners will also delve into complex areas like stress and anxiety management, the psychological underpinnings of learning and intelligence, and the nuances of mood and eating disorders. Each module is crafted to enhance understanding of how psychological theories apply in real-world scenarios, ensuring students are well-prepared for both academic and practical challenges in the field.

Additionally, the course places a significant emphasis on the ethical dimensions of psychological research and assessments. By the end of this program, participants will have acquired the necessary skills to conduct psychological research, perform detailed assessments, and apply ethical considerations in various professional settings, paving the way for a career in psychology that is both intellectually rewarding and personally fulfilling.

Why Choose Us?​​

Certificate of Achievement

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised CPD certificate and you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at a cost of £4.99 and Hardcopy Certificate for £9.99.

Who Is This Course For?​

  • Individuals keen on understanding human behaviour and the underlying motivations.
  • Parents wanting to comprehend child development and behavioural transformations.
  • Educators and trainers aiming to better relate with and assist their students.
  • Professionals from non-psychological backgrounds wishing to incorporate psychological insights into their work.
  • Aspiring researchers and academics looking to embark on a journey in psychological sciences.


The Diploma in Psychology course requires no prior degree or experience. All you require is English proficiency, numeracy literacy and a gadget with stable internet connection. Learn and train for a prosperous career in the thriving and fast-growing industry of Diploma in Psychology, without any fuss.

Career Path​

  • Clinical Psychologist: £40,000 – £90,000 Annually
  • Counselling Psychologist: £30,000 – £50,000 Annually
  • Educational Psychologist: £35,000 – £75,000 Annually
  • Forensic Psychologist: £30,000 – £60,000 Annually
  • Health Psychologist: £32,000 – £48,000 Annually
  • Organisational Psychologist: £28,000 – £55,000 Annually

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Course Curriculum

Module 01: The Foundation of Psychology
The Foundation of Psychology 00:17:00
Module 02: Different Approaches of Psychology
Different Approaches of Psychology 00:15:00
Module 03: Biological Psychology
Biological Psychology 00:21:00
Module 04: Behavioural Psychology
Behavioural Psychology 00:24:00
Module 05: Developmental Psychology: How Children Become Adults
Developmental Psychology: How Children Become Adults 00:22:00
Module 06: Social Psychology
Social Psychology 00:26:00
Module 07: Emotions in Terms of Psychology
Emotions in Terms of Psychology 00:24:00
Module 08: Motivation: Why Do We Do What We Do?
Motivation: Why Do We Do What We Do? 00:27:00
Module 09: Dealing with Stress and Anxiety
Dealing with Stress and Anxiety 00:23:00
Module 10: Personality: Psychological Factors That Make You an Individual
Personality: Psychological Factors That Make You an Individual 00:14:00
Module 11: Perception, Sensation and Love
Perception, Sensation and Love 00:25:00
Module 12: Learning: Understanding Acquired Behaviour
Learning: Understanding Acquired Behaviour 00:25:00
Module 13: Thinking: Exploring Mental Life
Thinking: Exploring Mental Life 00:23:00
Module 14: Intelligence: In Pursuit of Rational Thought and Effective Action
Intelligence: In Pursuit of Rational Thought and Effective Action 00:16:00
Module 15: Atypical Behaviours from a Psychological Perspective
Atypical Behaviours from a Psychological Perspective 00:18:00
Module 16: Mood Disorders
Mood Disorders 00:17:00
Module 17: Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders 00:16:00
Module 18: Personality Disorders
Personality Disorders 00:29:00
Module 19: Research Methods
Research Methods 00:18:00
Module 20: Psychological Assessments
Psychological Assessments 00:24:00
Module 21: Ethical Issues in Psychological Assessments
Ethical Issues in Psychological Assessments 00:17:00
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