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Workplace Safety- Asbestos & COSHH Training

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Imagine a career where every decision you make contributes to safeguarding lives and ensuring workplace wellbeing. This world awaits you with the “Workplace Safety- Asbestos & COSHH Training” bundle. As you embark on this educational journey, you open up a spectrum of opportunities in the dynamic and ever-evolving health and safety field. This course bundle is not just a learning path; it’s a gateway to becoming a pivotal figure in creating safer work environments across multiple sectors.

Delve into crucial safety areas with courses on COSHH assessments, strategies for working in confined spaces, chemical spill response, and spill management techniques. Your journey culminates with a comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety Diploma and essential first aid skills. This bundle is crafted to elevate you into a sought-after professional capable of impacting workplace safety in various industries.

The ‘Workplace Safety- Asbestos & COSHH Training‘ bundle is a crucial investment in your safety skills, especially relevant in today’s context where, according to HSE statistics, asbestos still causes around 5,000 deaths per year in the UK. This course begins with an in-depth focus on asbestos, covering its identification, safe management practices, and the significant health risks it poses, particularly in the construction and renovation sectors.


This bundle, ‘Workplace Safety- Asbestos & COSHH Training‘, is your comprehensive guide to mastering essential safety skills in high-risk workplace scenarios. The first part of the bundle focuses intensively on asbestos, providing crucial insights into its identification, management, and the significant health risks it poses. Learners will gain a deep understanding of handling asbestos safely, a skill highly valued across construction and renovation sectors.

Further, the course expands into broader safety protocols, encompassing chemical handling, effective strategies for working in confined spaces, and spill management techniques. The curriculum also includes vital infection prevention and control training, equipping learners with the knowledge to maintain health and safety standards in diverse environments. Completing this bundle will enhance your safety expertise and prepare you for a proactive role in ensuring workplace safety.

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Certificate of Achievement

Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised CPD certificate and you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your PDF Certificate at a cost of £4.99 and Hardcopy Certificate for £9.99.

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The Workplace Safety- Asbestos & COSHH Training course requires no prior degree or experience. All you require is English proficiency, numeracy literacy and a gadget with stable internet connection. Learn and train for a prosperous career in the thriving and fast-growing industry of Workplace Safety- Asbestos & COSHH Training, without any fuss.

Career Path​

Our course will prepare you for a range of careers, including:

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Course Curriculum

Asbestos Awareness & Safety
COSHH Training for Assessors
Working in Confined Spaces
Chemical Spill
Spill Management Training
Fire Safety
Workplace Health and Safety Diploma
First Aid at Work

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